To become a guardian to one of our breeder dogs means the dog can be a part of your family from 4 months and up, you will care for it, love on it, provide proper medical care, and will bring the dog to be matted during the heat, you will get to keep the dog till she is ready to deliver or 58 days from the first lock. The dog will be returned to you when her puppies turn 6-8 weeks old. After 3-4 breeding /whelping, the dog will fully belong to you free of cost to be a pet only.

  • you will be required to provide all the proper references/referrals,
  • proof of residency,
  • vet referral,
  • personal identification, and background check. Your background check must be clean to comply with this program.
  • You must be employed and provide proof of employment.
  • This is an option to an approved by French Bulldogs INC family only, we have the right to refuse Guardianship if we don’t feel you are a suitable family.
  • You must own your home and not renting.
  • Florida Residence only.

​To apply please email at: frenchemom@gmail.com

​We strive to allow our breeders to enjoy their life and get absolute attention. This program Is a newly acquired program for our kennel.